Makeup Brushes set Rose Gold in 8 pieces - exclusive

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Rose Gold Makeup Brushes CORE cosmetics
- After a long hard work with our factory in China, we finally have the pleasure of delivering a fantastic package of our latest makeup brushes.
- These 8 handcrafted brushes are delivered in an exclusive PU leather case with a magnetic lock on the front, lined inside in a silky velvet material and elastic braces for the brushes.
The handles are made of wood and high gloss lacquered, the ferrule is made of genuine copper and the hair of synthetic in the absolute highest quality.

- Each brush is designed for it´s specific purpose:
  • Borste no1 (from left) Apply powder, both pressed and loose.
  • Borste no2 Apply and blend foundation.
  • Borste no3 Create and contour the face with creme or powder products.
  • Borste no4 Används för att applicera rouge / blusher.
  • Borste no5 För applicering och toning av concealer.
  • Borste no6 Använd denna till att skapa, forma och mixa dina ögonskuggor.
  • Borste no7 Med fördel till dina ögonvrån.
  • Borste no8 Med denna skapar du vackra linjer för dina ögon.

- Rose Gold -

Rose Gold makeup borstar - CORE cosmetics
Vita Rose Gold - Makeup Borstar exklusiva
Rose Gold Sminkborstar -

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