- CORE cosmetics history & vision -


The history of CORE cosmetics actually goes back as far as 1999. It is a tight and intensive cooperation between the most important elements in the industry. Photographers, makeup artists, designers, and especially all the media that publish these amazing creative people's creativity in the form of pictures and films. We wanted to create a truly complete range of cosmetics and its associated components to satisfy the requirements needed to get just the perfect result for all involved elements.

- CORE cosmetics True Minerals is a complete range of pure natural products such as:
foundation, blusher, body bronzer, eye shadow, Glow and Contour-Kit and tools.

- We are constantly looking for new natural trendy products that do not harm our environment or animals and humans.

- Core Cosmetic is an award-winning mineral cosmetics in which our range is available in selected salons and makeup schools worldwide. It has achieved cult status by beautifully harmonized natural, chemical-free ingredients with the best in the mineral-based technologies.


  • Our vision has always been to create a brand to be proud of, to always strive to have as little impact as possible on the environment and health for all life on our beautiful planet.
  • To grow slowly but steadily to belong to one of the market leaders in our industry.
  • To never compromise on the quality and service of our products.
  • To do our utmost to ensure that our customers are always satisfied when they shop with us.
  • And to always find new trendy products and to try to set your own trends in the industry.
“Be wise, love your skin, choose the right products and stay beautiful


Each product is free of strong chemicals, dyes and fillers and also has antibacterial properties that help improve your skin. Our foundation, blusher and bronzer give women and men a flawless, retouched complexion they have longed for. Our highly pigmented eye shadows have the ultimate endurance and make the best of all of nature's assets....

To get more info about the ingredients in our products see our list:

Environment and Animal testing

Today, it is more important than ever to always have a good, healthy and efficient work to contribute to a better environment and to stop all tests on animals in the cosmetics industry. We always have that in mind when we develop new products in our product line. All our products are 100% free from animal tests and approved by Leaping Bunny (BUAV) Cruelty Free globally. Leaping Bunny: leapingbunny CORE cosmetics certified
Another part of our environmental work is that all our packaging is made from recycled paper with certified suppliers. We are Leaping Bunny approved since 2013.

Leaping Bunny Approved CORE cosmetics

Company Info

True Beauty Inter AB
Org.nr: 559115-4801
Adress: Förrådsvägen 16, 144 40 Rönninge / SWEDEN
E-post: info(at)corecosmetic.com