Contouring / Shading


Countouring is a technology previously reserved for "runway" models and fancy photo shoots, nowadays it is a part of many girls' daily routines. So what are Contouring more accurate? is a way to highlight and define the various parties in the face to highlight different facial features better. A base is usually recommended in the form of foundation or powder, it is to give your face a more even skin tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines and any beauty flaws, can cause the face look a bit flat. Countouringen started after the base layer is laid, to construct the selected part and sharp cheekbones,

Highlighter is the brighter part of a contour kit that you use to highlight as examples jawbone, eyebrows, nose or lips .Some parts of the face you want to get the visibility and strengthen the contours.
Create beautiful Contouring with CORE cosmetics

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