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Natural Mineral Products

Healthy and genuine

Our mineral products are produced from the absolute finest natural ingredients and consist only of pure minerals. Contains no parabens, preservatives, silicones, perfume or mineral oil. Our mineral products are suitable for all skin types as normal, oily, dry, problematic and sensitive. In our product range you will find Mineral Foundation, Mineral Rouge, Mineral Bodybronzer, Mineral Eyeshadow and Mineral Finishing powder.

Mineral makeup is the best choice.

True mineral makeup consists only of naturally occurring materials. Mineral makeup oil-free loose powder sits on the outside of the skin instead of penetrating as creams and liquids do. This helps keep the pores clean and reduces the risk of skin irritation.

Fördelar med mineralprodukter

* Täpper inte igen porerna.
* Fria från kemikalier och naturliga ingredienser vilket minskar risken för allergier.
* Naturlig solskyddsfaktor (15 SPF).
* Kan användas för hud med acne och eller rosacea.
* Ej djurtestade.
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